Privatilly: Protects your Privacy on the web!

✓ browse privately in quick incognito mode
✓  VPN (coming soon)
✓ password protect secret/private urls
✓ clean your web history, online ad tracking data & more
✓ tools to check internet speed, IP address
✓ and more...

Install from Google store | 100% free | Safe to use | Uninstall anytime


Browse in Incognito Mode

We make it easy to quickly access your browser's built in incognito mode. It's built into your search flow and via quick links.


Clean your data from site's tracking you

We provide access to useful sites where you can delete your online tracking data, cookie data, web history, social history and more.


Store secret & private URLs

Keep others away from your secret urls and private links. Store them into the extension and password protect them.


Quick access to interent tools

Useful tools at a click: check internet speed, IP address, internet provider, email and more coming soon